Training & Development

Training and Development at GMS is underpinned by the 70:20:10 learning framework which captures learning and development through experimental, social and formal means.

Once our employees are formally inducted into the Company they are generally deployed into the field where they receive specific training associated with the role that they fulfil, this is achieved applying the 70:20:10 framework which GMS has applied across its operations.

This is best captured through the following image and encompasses three key elements, namely:

  • The 70 – Experimental / Experience – Learning and the development of our staff is achieved through day to day tasks, problem solving, challenges and practices.
  • The 20 – Social / Exposure – Informal coaching, mentoring, exploitation of social networks and collaboration between colleagues.
  • The 10 – Formal / Education – Learning is achieved through formal programs offered by GMS including Vocational training courses and programs.


The 70 20 10 Framework